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Before choosing the auto transport company, you should know how the service works. One of the well-known companies today is the UFA Services. Most of the companies offer different types of transport services. With adequate knowledge on these types, you can make an informed decision.

Are you going to use auto transport service to help moving your automobile to a new destination? Well, prior coming to a conclusion about hiring any company, it important you take good note of the Dallas mover reviews as that can help you get rid of the bad experience with vehicle transport. Take time to find reviews for each company that you feel like hiring. This would obviously help you get a clear picture about various companies. However, there are lots of other ways that thes …

With the advent of the Internet, the auto transport industry has seen an influx of new brokers, attracted by the low cost of starting a brokerage business online. While this encouraged greater competition and lower costs in the industry, government agencies have also seen a “dramatic increase in complaints against auto transporters and auto transport brokers” due to Internet fraud.


auto transport

The auto transport industry employs drivers to drive huge trucks which transport the vehicles of the customers to their destination. These huge trucks have to driven with care to ensure the safety of the vehicles. Most of the roads in the country will have axle weight regulations that have to be followed. So, the weight carried becomes very important. The roads should be able to handle the weight. So, it is necessary to know the route that will be taken to deliver the vehicles. There will be many weigh stations and check points on the way, where you will have the weight of the truck checked. So, even before you start on the trip, you should be aware of the weight that the truck is carrying, so that you are within the limits. If you exceed the weight, the best thing would be to leave on car behind and transport it later.

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First you need to assess what kind of auto transport shipping services you need. Some companies offer to drive your car for you and others place th …

Many people think that it’s difficult to transport a heavy road transport vehicle, and however transporting a truck or heavy transport vehicles across country was never been easier. Most good auto and car transport companies would ship even trucks more comfortably. When seeking the help of auto transport companies, it would extend the life of the truck by avoiding extra miles and worsening.

The auto transport company should have a number of years of experience and should possess a license which is active. They should give you a bill of lading, where all the dents or damages in the vehicle being transported, will be noted. This is signed by both the company and the person owning the vehicle at the time of pick up of the vehicle. This is again checked when delivery of the vehicle is done. The vehicle should be properly insured. Generally the payment has to be made in advance or a certain amount of money has to be given in advance. You can use a credit card to pay. All the details should be in writing, so that you will not have a problem later.

The different types include open, close, door to door, and terminal to terminal. The open type is one that is subject to the environmental elements. This service is usually offered by lots of auto transport companies and it is highly in-demand because of the cheaper price. The car haulers can accommodate about ten cars. This is not always the best option because during bad weather, the transportation can be unsafe. By sticking with reputed companies, you can be sure that the car will arrive without any damage.