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Auto Transport – Frequently Asked Questions

Tell Me About Safety and Security

A Florida Direct never compromises in protecting your vehicle while in transit. We use state of the art air ride car carriers that ensure safe and secure transit of your vehicle. Our specially designed factory tie down systems secure your car. No unnecessary stress is put on your vehicle. Our professional crew take extreme care in all parts of the loading/unloading process.

And How About Insurance?

If the unforeseen should occur, be assured that your vehicle is insured for the retail value from the time of pick up to the time you sign off at delivery.

What Is The Typical Time of Delivery?

Your specific move will determine the amount of time it takes to move your vehicle. For example : Chicago to Miami are 5 to 7 days on the average after loading whereas San Francisco to Miami takes 10 to 14 days on average from day of departure.

Is There Any Type Of Vehicle Tracking?

Your vehicle is assigned a PRO number which allows us to track it daily. Phone our main office to get a update on your move.

How Do You Ship My Vehicle?

A Florida Direct uses state of the art air ride auto transport carriers. Your vehicle has a very soft ride to insure a safe move. Special factory designed tie downs or wheel straps maintain your vehicles secure placement on the carrier.

Do You Ship Into Other Countries?

Yes we do. We have availability to transport to most of the world. Whether you need to go to Europe, Africa, South America , Canada or islands in-between we have ships ready to go.

How Far In Advance Do I Need To Book My Move?

We have some customers booking up to 6 months in advance. During season we would prefer 30 days minimum.

Do You Inspect My Car?

When the carrier operator pickups your vehicle they will do a external body inspection. Any visible damage will be listed along with noting year, make, model, color, serial number and mileage. You will sign off the car inspection and then re-inspect and sign off at delivery.

Why Should I Use Your Company?

Our success has been based on the daily “hands on” approach that keeps us very close to each move. We have never taken a prepayment deposit as so many companies do allowing you the freedom to have complete control. Service is what we offer and hope you will let us make your move the best you have ever had.

Auto Transport - Frequently Asked Questions
Auto Transport - Frequently Asked Questions